What makes our way of building this sustainable

Construction material

Our walls, ceilings and floors are made of solid wood. With timber construction in an urban context, our cities can become huge carbon stores as wood stores significantly more carbon than it emits during processing. At the same time, the consumption of finite raw materials is reduced by substitution of conventional construction materials. That is why building with wood is highly ecological.

Modular timber construction

Our method of construction enables, due to its modular structure, an extraordinary high degree of prefabrication. A perfectly coordinated logistics concept enables a significantly reduced construction time and thus allows a correspondingly earlier use. With industrial prefabrication, we create new living space in the shortest possible time. Compared to conventional construction, a construction project in modular timber construction is very quiet and clean.

Field Factory

Our field factory, a mobile assembly hall near the construction site, allows module production close to the construction site, regardless of the weather conditions. This saves on the one hand many truck journeys, since the modules can be loaded more compactly into individual parts. On the other hand, it increases productivity and allows us to complete construction projects faster.

Energy concept

With timber construction, we form the foundation for a sustainable building concept. Usually, we combine this with an energy concept that further increases the sustainability of our buildings. This is how we succeed in implementing efficiency houses in the KfW-40 standard easily and economically by combining timber construction, mineral insulation and renewable energy sources.

We have stored tens of thousands of tons of carbon in the buildings we have built so far.

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