In 4 steps to your job at LiWooD

Receipt and review of your application

Step 1

  • Please send your complete application (resume & cover letter) to You are also welcome to share a personal project with us here.

Invitation to the first meeting

Step 2

  • During our first interview, we primarily want to get to know you personally. We pay attention to your professional competencies and want to learn more about your professional past, your interests and your motivators.

Second interview with your direct supervisor

Step 3

  • This interview usually takes place with your direct supervisor or with the specialist department. Here we will talk specifically about the task you are to take on at LiWooD and also about the details in your contract.

Decision and contract conclusion

Step 4

  • We don't make the decision about an acceptance or rejection easy - but we don't put it off either. As a rule, you will usually receive a response from us within a week.

Tips for applicants

  • Be personal and authentic! We want to get to know you as a person.
  • Inform yourself about our company in advance and read the contents on our website carefully.
  • Get involved with the content of the projects and topics we implement at LiWooD.
  • Think about specific questions you would like to ask us. The more questions the better!
  • Prepare well for questions in your field.
  • We want to know specifically what professional experience you have already gained and how you have completed your tasks.
  • We are less interested in finding out which employers you have already worked for. It is much more important for us to understand what your professional focus is and where you would like to develop in the future.

The right preparation

For your first interview, please take a close look at our website and think about individual questions you would like to ask us about our company or how we are built.

We are especially interested in getting to know the personalities behind applicants. Please talk to us about the subject you have been working on for a long time or simply about something that fascinates you. This could be, for example, your bachelor thesis or a project from a previous professional experience.

Please do not prepare a presentation. Tell us about your professional past in a casual conversation. Explain what you did in your job in a way that is simple and understandable to a layperson.

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