In order to keep rents in big cities moderate and to meet the housing needs of the residents, extensive living space will have to be created in the next few years. This challenge is countered by limited space resources as well as area competition between residential and commercial areas. But Germany´s cities can create living space!
By supplementing existing districts with complementary housing, many thousands of apartments can be built within the city limits without further urban dismemberment.

Extension of Frankfurt Platensiedlung

The videos were taken in the summer of 2019 as part of the extension project in the Platensiedlung. Within a few months, 380 new apartments will be built here in modular wood construction. The video shows the construction process on the construction site.

Film about the stacking festival on the occasion of the start of construction in the Platensiedlung

On behalf of the housing company ABG, the company LiWooD from Munich has added 19 rows of houses to the Platensiedlung in Frankfurt. The previously three-storey settlement, which was once used by the US Army, will be supplemented in the course of 2019 by using two-storey wooden modules. This will create around 380 new apartments. To mark the start of module assembly, a so-called “stacking festival” was celebrated on December 17th, 2018.

LiWooD in “Tagesthemen” (News magazine)
on April 4th, 2019

#solutionfinder: How can the housing shortage be remedied?

LiWooD has many delighted customers

Real life is the true measure for LiwooD’s design and construction. Our customers are highly satisfied. This is reflected in the words of the clients and of course, the residents. They are best placed to tell you about the advantages of LiWooD construction methods, their application and the unique pleasure to be derived from living in a building which is entirely focused on sustainability.