Extremely short construction times
with modular timber constructions

Modular construction with wood requires a high level of pre-planning and logistics

Due to its modular philosophy and an exactly matched logistics concept, our construction method enables a much shorter construction time and thus allows an earlier use. This creates new living space in the shortest possible time and leads to earlier use compared to conventional construction.

From the modules to the finished house

For each of our projects, the module types are planned and matched individually in accordance with the floor plans. This gives us a high degree of freedom for variably designed floor plans. In the example below, four different apartment types from four different modules are combined.

With modular timber construction we create affordable living space

The challenge for metropolitan areas

The increasing economic attractiveness combined with a generally high quality of life makes Germany´s metropolitan areas an increasingly popular place to live. Countries and municipalities have to create affordable housing quickly.

The solution – modular timber construction

It is fast, flexible and sustainable. Our system even makes it possible to easily and effectively adapt the building in later years – changing the floor plan. In this way, the client can react flexibly to the needs of the housing market at any time, and redistribute the housing units.

Free spaces and floor plans

The modular timber construction has beneficial effects on the apartments. Apart from a good room climate and flexible and generous floor plan designs, the solidly designed walls serve as good installation level for fastening objects of all kinds.

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