Energy concept

Low costs with sustainable energy supply

We think it is particularly fascinating to extract heat from the ambient air where a building emits heat. The energy is generated using an air-water heat pump. Several houses standing together can be supplied with energy from one roof for example through a local heating connection.

Our energy concept

The construction material wood offers the best conditions for a sustainable energy concept. Thanks to the low thermal conductivity of wood combined with a mineral insulation package, low-energy standards can be implemented up to the zero-energy house.

We are able to produce house energy largely cost- and climate-neutral: without interfering with the soil, air-water heat pumps can be installed to generate environmentally friendly and cost-saving heat or cold, which is fed into the heating or cooling system via the in-house energy centre.

In addition, a sufficiently sized photovoltaic system generates a large part of its own electricity requirements with minimal maintenance and long service life. The energy costs are therefore close to zero.

Buffer storage tanks supply apartment stations that produce hot water and heating. This decentralized water treatment dispenses with circulation pipes and eliminates legionella problems.

A walk-in technical and installation shaft underneath the building allows the building operator to carry maintenance work from the technical room to the apartment units without having to carry out wall openings or other dismantling work. In addition to the easy repair of damage, this creates the possibility of renovating the technical building equipment without much effort in the event of an obsolescence

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