The possibilities of use are versatile

LiWooD buildings can be adapted to individual requirements. The options range from apartment houses for students, to hotels and residential buildings. LiWood’s modular construction methods and flexible design options make it possible to create a widely diverse range of room types.

Temporary accommodation does not sacrifice comfort

Functionality and innovative design work together to provide an ideal retreat from everyday working life. The flexible layout can be adapted to almost every type and form of housing.

Large utility rooms can be easily achieved by removing interior walls. By using light-weight supports, rooms with large floor spaces can be created. Therefore the creation of a cafeteria, a lounge or larger function rooms are possible. Depending on the building’s intended use, event, conference or computer room can be included. Fitness centres and study/reading rooms are equally feasible.

Projects in planning


LiWooD has been commissioned by the “Eden Project” in Cornwall (England), the United Kingdoms largest tourist venue and natural park, to design a hotel with educational facilities. Planning permission has been granted and the project will be realised in partnership with our British partners.


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